Jonny Costantino director and writer

Frank Heierli musician

Frank Heierli

Born in November 1972 in Biel, Switzerland.

Lives in Bern today.

1994 Diplom. Teacher at School for Children.

From then: Years of Work as a Stage Musician in Theater wih Cello, Guitar, Trumpet, Banjo, Drums, Records, Tapemachine, Sampler, water, hand.

Basically the Recognition of Sounds, Music, Melodies and its Effect on a Situation and on Someone.

All these years he studies the rich Culture of the guitarra flamenca, the Accompagnement of Dance lessons and Shows.

01: Founder and Cutting Engineer of Vinyl Mastering Studio Centraldubs Gmbh in Bern.

From 07: new spaces: pouring bronze, Stone Sculpture, different technics of primitive printing, basically the research of the expression of a silence.

08: Exhibition of a cutten tree at City Center Biel: Wege ins Nichts einander gleichen

Today: Performance  as a  improvising Cellist with Trashquartett Biel, with the Butoh Dance Company In Between Italy, with Fermin, who writes on a musical theme called: Le corps dans l’obscure.

Other musicians and dancers that collaborated with in between butoh:

as musicians, Sheldon Sutter, Emmanuel Mieville, Stefano Odoardi

as musician and performer Claude Parle

as dancers Mariuccia Rostellato, Aimée Flexas, Ivan Marasco