Down-a is a Butoh dance inspired piece that comes from the minds of the “Project Something in between.” With Flavia Ghisalberti and Ezio Tangini at the head of this beast, you enter into another world. I had the privilege of seeing their performance at the 2005 Indy Fringe and eagerly made a point of making this show a not to miss. The slow, slithering movements of the artists combined with a melodious fuzz of recording noise, room ambiance, and distant micing, make for a theatre experience that slows the soul and forces you to exist in their world. This particular piece was inspired by Shakespeare’s Two Noble Kinsmen. The stage is bare except for an isolated red work light. The experience begins. In Ms. Ghisalberti’s .pdf documenting some of her performance history, Butoh is described as:

“a confrontational, yet poetic and non violent dance, Japanese Butoh evokes images of decay, fear and desperation, eroticism, ecstasy and stillness. Butoh defies easy definition and embraces paradox.”

The sheer level of commitment, pursuit, and desire left this audience member still, silent, and reflective. An almost pure level of inspiration and thoughtfulness. Forget about the forth wall. Leave your acting and dance dogmas at the door. I sincerely recommend seeing the last performance of Down-a at the Fringe Festival tonight at 6 PM in the Auditorium at the Athenaeum.

Patrick Cavanagh, actor, musician