Lazio Ieri e Oggi

June 6, 2004

The dance company “In Between”, composed by Flavia Ghisalberti of Basel, Yann van Steenbrugghe of Paris, Mariuccia Rostellato of Padua and Ezio Tangini of Rome, has recently presented in first performance, in the Hall of the “Drying room” of the Complex of St. Mary of Mercy, the show “Something in between” a four-part dance freely inspired to ‘The Praise of Folly’ by Erasmus of Rotterdam. “An event of art, social, communicative power and emotional interaction” – asserts Germana Amigoni Taddio, painter and journalist – “has involved the audience touching the unevennesses between real and madness in a relationship of conscious and unconscious, body and soul, silence and drop of water running live on the stage, embracing and rejecting the four dancers accompanying them in their dreams-nightmares and joining their expressive singularity in an only emotional tension as in a game of mirrors where the reflected image met the other and sent back four various nevertheless equal visions. The scene is outside, beyond the large glass windows of the “Drying room”; the buildings of the former wards, illuminated at night, interact with the inside, with the water, with the dancers, with the audience. The uneasiness and the pain are palpable in this stage in the place of memory”.

The show has been selected from the permanent Representation for Italy of the European Commission of the Culture in the within of the Program Culture 2000 and published on the site for a proposal for an European cooperative plan.

Mariarita Pocino