Born in Paris, France. Life project between constant interrogation and states of dancing. 2003 creation of the Buto dance company “In Between” together with Ezio Tangini and Flavia Ghisalberti. Questioning the relationship between actual experience of the body and its therapeutic implication: 1998-2004 Osteopathy studies (CREDO-France). Questioning the intricacy of the preparation to dance and the Buto dance: 1995-2004 Body Mind Centering® workshops with Vera Orlock.


Studies and practice of Buto dance, fine arts, architecture, scenography and landscape: 1983-1989 discovers Buto with Sumako Koseki. 1989-2004 discovers Buto with Masaki Iwana. 1998 diploma in Architecture.

Recent Exhibitions

  • 2005 Something in between at the festival “Body Word” in St. Petersburg
  • 2005 Something in between at the London Ontario’s Annual Theatre Festival
  • 2006 Something in between at the Association Les Voutes, Paris
  • 2007 Something in between at the Arena International Festival Erlangen
  • 2008 Down-a at “Theatre and Folly”, Meran
  • 2009 Down-a at Astra museum, Sibiu (Romania)
  • 2010 Down-a at R -de- Choc, Paris


Questioning what could a graphic work be in regard to Buto dance: 1998-2004 shooting of several performances of the Buto dancer Aimée Flexas. 2003 shooting of the Buto film «Cour Réservée» directed by Aimée Flexas. 2005 show and installation of 80 black and white photographs and videos in Rome, Paris, New York.