I dreamt of a flower

butoh performance inspired by Blue of Noon by Georges Bataille

The performance is on the crazy lightness of the human being. Dirty lives every moment as if it were the last. The present moment is the only real, with no past and no future. The crazy lightness of life.

In my idiotic heart, idiocy is singing its head off   G.Bataille


Butoh performance inspired by “The Cenci” by Antonin Artaud

“The most incredible thing is that, from this prison which life is, you will expect something else than tortures”

A. Artaud

The performance is on the inevitability of evil, on the superfluity and unmasked falsity of any consciousness. There is no innocence or guilt. Beatrice Cenci goes against the current morality. Her act is a revolt against arrogant aristocracy and conformism.

The characters are not men but beings, great incarnated forces; just enough humanity remains to render them plausible from the psychological point of view”. Antonin Artaud


Body. Body who expresses life. Living body, enlarged to an unbearable limit. To burst social chains. To gain ground in real life. Terra incognita. Explosion of unknown power. Fear. Set the tiger in your body free and you’ll discover the place of your real birth. Ground zero. Trembling, vibrating life. A leaf in the wind, fluctuation of particles in space. Death and life, man and woman, animal-human, plant-stone. Limits disappear, dissolve themselves, emerge again… body becomes the limit. In between.

Idea of the project:
LIMITS connects dancers and musicians from different countries of europe. The project is based on Butohdance, which emerged in japan in the 60’s. Nowadays butoh is known worldwide.

Every year takes place at least one meeting of one week
It’s a nomadic project; it overcomes national bounderies
Every meeting contains a workshop and public performances
Few performers are the promoters of the project and they are responsible for the organisation (the workshops / the locations of the performances / the lodging)

The workshop is addressed to all those who want to explore there limits, physically and psychically. This field of research opens spaces which invite to an inner journey.

All the dancers and musicians are free in their own performances. Images of dreams and the unconscious are expressed. The actors are held on the limit between inner and external perception. It’s a travel to an unknown land during which a complex and emotional image is produced. A free and absurd image which is carried by the responsibility of everyone.The performers leave behind their social body and enter in a zone without any tabu. Like this they offer to the public the possibility to perceive themselves in a new way and to drop in another zone of time. It becomes a reciprocal exchange between performer and public, between me and you, between this time and that time.

Limits took place in Basel (Switzerland) in october 2008 and the second time in september 2009. In august 2010 it took place in St.Petersburg.

Possible destinations: Rome, Munich

Participants 2008: Irena Kulka, Sten Ferel, Flavia Ghisalberti, Ezio Tangini, Frank Heierli

Participants 2009: Irena Kulka, Sten Ferel, Flavia Ghisalberti, Ezio Tangini, Frank Heierli, George Ricci, Natalia Zhestovskaya, Grigory Glazunov, Petra Vogt, Christian and Veronica Stübner

Participants 2010: Flavia Ghisalberti, Ezio Tangini, Petra Vogt, Natalia Zhestovskaya, Grigory Glazunov, odd-dance family

Down – a

Butoh performance about diversity, inspired by The Two Noble Kinsmen by William Shakespeare

“not to be even jump as they are, here were to be strangers, and such things to be, mere monsters”

W. Shakespeare

Down-a is about the guilt of the human soul. Difference and folly are acts of revolt in a homogenised, intolerant and repressive society. Each character is, in his own way, a distinct one soul entrapped in a guilty net.

Down-a, down-a (“vai giù, vai giù”) is a refrain composed by an italian madrigalist.

Something In Between

Butoh performance, inspired by In praise of Folly by Erasmus of Rotterdam.

“When the soul, having broken its fetters, it endeavors to get loose and assays, as it were, a flight out of that prison that holds it in, they call it madness.

When the mind strives to rove from its body and does not rightly use its own organs, without doubt you may say ’tis downright madness and not be mistake”.

Erasmus of Rotterdam

The performance will give substance to the interaction of indistinct images connected by an emotional red thread. The aim of the performance is to stir the consciousness and direct the sensitivity of the audience towards that part of  humanity which is denied.

The internal dynamism of the performance will put the audience in direct conctact with their deepest anguishes and their obsessions.

“Something in between” has been conceived in virtue of the evocative history linked to the memory of psychiatric hospitals, the healing of the legacy of suffering and embarrassment, but also of a new awareness of the dynamics of committal.