The dance company In between is formed by three european authors/dancers around the project “Something in between”. Many other dancers and musicians joined the group, collaborated or actually collaborate with in between.

The places

The performances of in between butoh are mainly « in situ ». In the places just as they are, the sense of the contemporaneity is posed when this fragile and subtle bond, which links the reading of a performance to its own energy, appears. Indirectly related on asylum, but also on the landscape, the city and its culture, the performances use and exploit the memoires of these places buried in lived, the creativity, the suffering and the madness. These memories are  deposited there as treasures, registered in our spirit as much as pretext to release it from alienation, from its practices.


The performance will give substance to the interaction of indistinct images connected by an emotional red thread. The aim of the performance is to stir the consciousness and direct the sensitivity of the audience towards that part of  humanity which is denied.
Feeling, not understanding. The images will develop an emotional tension reaching paroxysm. The differences between reality and folly will be perceived concretely by the audience, who will feel the waves of the most rarefied emotions. Thus, like in a game of mirrors, the initial image will bounce back unceasingly. The reflected image will be more real than the initial one.


The internal dynamism of the performance will put the audience in direct conctact with their deepest anguishes and their obsessions. The communicating power of the performance is that of bringing into play not only the mind of the audience but also their senses and flesh.