SOMETHING IN BETWEEN – Dance for 4 between dream and reality

IgeaNews, January-February 2004, p. 5

On the next spring it will come back to the pavilion 21 of the “Drying Room” of the former Mental Hospital Complex of Santa Maria della Pietà, the dance performance “Something between” an original and exciting work freely inspired to the “Praise of Folly” of Erasmus of Rotterdam, with considerable success, involved the audience touching the unevennesses between reality and madness in a relationship of conscious / unconscious, soul and body, silence and cadence.

The “event” of art, socializing and communicative power is presented in a scenario of great suggestion: in the background, beyond the large glass windows of the Drying room, you will see the buildings of the former wards, who, enlightened, interact with the inside, with the scene where living water slides. Here the four dancers express their dreams / nightmares with great emotional tension in a game of mirrors where the images meet themselves and confront themselves rendering palpable uneasiness and pain.

The characters are four friends of Paris, Basel and Padua, involved by the idea of Ezio Tangini of Rome. The show is self produced, but it enjoys the sponsorship of the Municipality of Rome, and will be presented in february, to the Feltrinelli Bookstore of Column Square in order to return, as we reported earlier in april and may, at the former Santa Maria della Pietà.

(Germana Amigoni Taddio/G.C.)